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The Leading M&A firm for Overseas Investments?

July 16th, 2009

The March Group claims to be “the leading M&A firm for offshore investments in the United States.” What they appear to be trying to convey is the impression that they have contacts with overseas buyers.  Interestingly, however, the only buyer I found featured on the March Group’s website — with actual identity revealed — is a domestic buyer who has never actually bought a company represented by The March Group. This despite the fact that this buyer — Joe Katcha — says in the March Group’s featured website video that “The March Group is an important part” of his firm’s “deal sourcing.”


Could it be that The March Group, and firms that run similar business models, like to boast of overseas buyers because you conveniently cannot verify or locate them for yourself?  Such a claim also plays to the hopes that many business owners have that there’s a rich and naive buyer out there somewhere – probably from a land far, far away — that will love their business and vastly overpay for it.

The pitch sounds a bit like this doesn’t it?  “All you have to do is pay us $50K and we’ll hook you up.”

To be sure, they’re making big bucks.  No short supply of business owners with more money than sense.

How many overseas buyers have you heard that bought any of your peers?  The fact is, a very low percentage of U.S. businesses that sell for less than $100 million are bought by foreign buyers. If you own a small or mid-size business, the only overseas buyer that might buy your business is one you already know about. A buyer you already are aware of.

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2 Responses to “The Leading M&A firm for Overseas Investments?”

  • It’s a sorry state of affairs when a company cannot be stopped from stealing from the small business owner who has put his heart and soul into building a business.

    I’m a former employee. The March Group is a telemarketing front to get people to go to a seminar where they will lie cheat and steal to get a “valuation” fee from them. In the beginning all you had to do (I was one of the telemarketers) was invite business owners to a seminar to get FREE info and be able to build an exit blueprint. Since Tom Braun came in, everything changed now you only got paid if you found a business owner who WANTED to sell his business to attend a seminar. There in the lie starts because even though they hold a conference call with a private equity group does not mean anything. That does not mean they want to buy any businesses the March Group represents.

    The telemarketers with morals all quit already, only the thieves and people who don’t know better..yet.
    The 3 year guarantee for their money back is B.S…. I don’t even think the company will be around that long, and the owner has had it up for sale for a long time.

    Other former employees have posted under RIPOFF report but the company has found a way to delete negative statements. I just cannot believe at this point and time that some government entity has not come in and arrested everyone there. It’s out and out fraud crossing state lines. Any other telemarketing operation who did this with the millions of dollars they have taken would have been shut down by the FBI by now.

  • The March Group has Nothing. They make empty unfounded claims and boast of great deals. The truth of the matter is all they do is take your money and never deliver on anything. Buyers and Seller alike beware!! do not do business with these guys.

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