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Acquisition Advisors Newsletter

By: David L. Perkins, Jr.   April 11, 2023

Searching for an add-on acquisition for a client, I ended up in the 1960’s-era office of the 80-year-old second generation owner of a galvanizing business located in Texas. He was welcoming and not the least bit worried about confidentiality. He told me about his business, gave me a tour of the plant, and said he “had a business broker” and wished to sell as he needs to retire, and his son doesn’t want it.

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Acquisition Advisors Newsletter

By: David L. Perkins, Jr.   March 10, 2023

There are a lot of complexities when it comes to figuring out how to go about selling a business:

  • What is a fair price?

  • How does one secure the highest price possible?

  • What terms are reasonable?

  • How do you find the best buyer candidates?

  • How do you maintain confidentiality?

  • Do-it-yourself or hire a broker?

  • When and how to utilize your attorney? Your CPA?

  • How do you screen and qualify buyers?

  • What information should you provide to buyers, and when?

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Written by David L. Perkins, Jr., an award-winning author, investor, and mergers and acquisitions consultant. 

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