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Acquisition Advisors Newsletter

By: David L. Perkins, Jr.          May 28, 2024

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Acquisition Advisors Newsletter

By: David L. Perkins, Jr.     November 28, 2023

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Acquisition Advisors Newsletter

By: David L. Perkins, Jr.   April 11, 2023

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Acquisition Advisors Newsletter

By: David L. Perkins, Jr.   March 10, 2023

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Written by David L. Perkins, Jr., an award-winning author, investor, and mergers and acquisitions consultant. 


Concise Overview of Business Valuation of Small and Midsize Private Companies

by David L. Perkins, Jr.

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“A Concise Overview of Business Valuation.”

If you’re the owner of a small or midsize company or are involved with one… here’s the book you’ve been waiting for! In clear, concise English it will teach you the basic concepts of business valuation, to help you maximize the value of your company in anticipation of a possible sale. You’ll learn what small and midsize businesses really sell for. You’ll be given a simple technique for determining whether the price you want for your business is reasonable. You’ll learn how to handle the balance sheet, how and why to recast financial statements, and how to determine the market value of your business. You’ll read about the six big mistakes commonly made by do-it-yourself business sellers. You’ll learn about the 17 “value drivers” that could enhance your business and improve your selling price. And you'll learn how to assess any investment and make money. You can't afford to not have this.

Path to Absolute Maximum Sale Price of a Business Map (23"x48" Ready-to-frame Wall-size Edition)

A clear and concise map that shows exactly how you can build value in your business and sell it for absolute maximum.

Organized into four distinct sections, each a phase in the journey that leads to the sale of the business at maximum value:

Phase 1: Build a Valuable Company

Phase 2: Plan and Prepare for Sale

Phase 3: Execute Sale Strategy

Phase 4: Post Closing

Under Phase 1, for example, two sections offer valuable guidance to business owners: “Accumulate Value Drivers” and “Eliminate Barriers to Marketability.” Listed are 18 value drivers and 11 barriers to marketability. To the extent a business owner can add the value drivers and eliminate the barriers to marketability, the value of his or her business will rise. Incidentally, the business will also enjoy enhanced profitability, lower risk and greater stability. Most of the map – indeed three of the four main sections – is dedicated to how a business owner should go about the process of preparing, packaging and selling his or her business. Until now, the map was available only to clients, but Acquisition Advisors has decided to release it to the public. The map format allows a tremendous amount of information to be summarized in an easy-to-read format.

David Perkins is a mergers and acquisitions and business valuation expert, business owner and investor, and an award-winning author. Check him out on LinkedIn. Send him a note via or through our contact page

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