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Business Seller Representation

Selling a business is complex and time-consuming and it is extremely difficult to be a "do-it-yourself seller" that will yield maximum value in a confidential and timely manner. Most business brokers handle business sales as if it were a real estate transaction and they just hope to be hanging around when the right buyer comes along. This might be okay with you, but if you prefer to secure the maximum value in an orderly, professional, and quiet manner send us a note and we'll share the process that we have developed and why it makes the most sense. 

Mgmt Buyot
Buy Assistance

Business Seller Assistance

Whether selling all or part of your business, there are a lot of issues at play. Lack of experience or a failure to deploy a process that minimizes risk and sets you up for success can lead to a massive amount of wasted time, money, or worse. It is not a time to pinch pennies or figure it out on the fly.  AA will consult with you and share our knowledge and experience. By the hour, whether you need a little help or a lot, we can help.

Management Buyout

The term "management buyout" (MBO) refers to a transaction in which the non-owner managers of a business "buy out" their employer. Or, purchase ownership, i. e. equity, of or in their employer. If you are the owner of a business and you wish to find a way to sell your business to your manager, managers, or a group of your employees -- we can help. Often, they don’t have the money. Well, let’s see what we can do. Similarly, if you are a manager and you wish to buy out your employer, maybe we can help. 

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Business Buyer Assistance

Get in Touch

Do you want to become a business owner? Need help finding a business or negotiating and closing a purchase? Whether you need a little assistance or a lot, we can help. There are various issues to navigate. Finance. Accounting. Legal. Tax. Valuation. Debt. Equity. And then you have to think about the negotiations, relationships, time management, and integrity and reputation issues. Let AA help you with your business purchase transaction. We can help you negotiate, structure, fund, and close a smart business purchase. We help our clients save time and money and avoid bad deals. We have done it many times before and can walk you through an efficient and effective process and teach you what we know.

Outsourced Acq Dept

Outsourced Acquisition Department

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Pre-Sell Prep

Are acquisitions an important part of your growth strategy? Have you documented the types of businesses your company should acquire? Are you satisfied that you are reaching out to them on a regular basis and you would for sure know if any were ‘in play”? If not, maybe you should consider doing something new. Something that would ensure it all gets done. Like, outsource the effort to Acquisition Advisors. We’ll help you put together your acquisition criteria, compile a target list, periodically make contact with each on your behalf, and keep you appraised of the progress. Sounds smart? Sensible? Yes, it is. Give us a call. 

Pre-Sale Preparation

Planning on selling your business in a few years? You have a little time and money invested in it? The quality of your retirement might hinge a bit on the quality of the sale transaction. There are definitely certain things or “elements” that, when they are present in a business, drive the value up. Similarly, there are certain characteristics that, when present in a business, will drive down the price a buyer will pay. So, in the years leading up to when you wish to exit, it makes sense to do what you can to mitigate things that sap value and build in or strengthen the things that push sale price up. For more information, pick up on Amazon a copy of Concise Overview of Business Valuation. It contains a chapter on “Value Drivers.” It also lists dos and don’ts for business sellers. And, of course, we can help you determine what a buyer might pay you today for your business, what the deal terms would likely be, and what you can do to raise value and improve the deal terms. 

Manager Looking for a Business

Are you an experienced and proven manager? You want some equity or to become an owner? Good! Send us a note and we can get started. We’ll want to see your resume and what targets you have in mind. Short on capital? Not a problem. There is a massive amount of capital “out there.” Capital-seeking business equity investments need businesses in which to invest and proven managers to run them. Yes, you have something of value. You can use it to get more of what you want. We have the experience and contacts to put it all together. We respect what you do, and can do, and would love to help you get a new and exciting job where you have a piece of the action. 

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