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An Investment Advisory Firm for Buyers and Sellers of Mid-Size U. S. Companies 

We help owners of profitable U. S. companies sell quietly, professionally, for absolute maximum.  We help proven business managers become owners. We also help people and companies establish and execute business acquisition plans, identify candidates and complete purchases.

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Management Buyout

Are you a skilled and experience business manager? Would you like to become an owner? 

Sell-Side Assistance

Ready to sell all or part of your company? Buy out a partner, take some money off the table, or secure growth capital?

Buy-Side Assistance

Want to acquire? Need help finding candidates? Assistance evaluating, structuring, financing or closing a deal?


“I made the right decision hiring Acquisition Advisors to assist me. They worked with me throughout the deal, coaching me at each stage and skillfully orchestrating the process all the way through to closing. There’s no doubt that they added considerably to the deal, in excess of the fee that I paid to them.

Darrell Fry

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